On November 28, 2010, life as I knew it ended and the world stopped all in an instant. My only child, my son TJ, also known as Sgt. Anthony R. Johnson Jr.,  was killed in a horrific accident. Though his time on earth was far too short, he left an unforgettable mark on each and every person who knew him, and there is most certainly a void in all of our hearts knowing that he is no longer here with us. In the days following that unforgettable night, I saw how my son touched so many lives. I saw the hundreds of family, friends, community members, and co-workers who came together in grief and in love, and I realized I was not alone. At that moment, together we became one. Together we became a community.

Many of you, his friends, co-workers, college buddies, neighbors, and family have shared with me your most special, cherished memories of TJ. One thing that resonates from those stories is the caring way he loved each individual, and the special love he had for children. He brought hope and laughter to all — both on the job, at school, at gatherings, and at home. His unforgettable smile; the way he brought joy to everyone who knew him made me not only proud, but inspired to do something special in his honor. As he did not have any children of his own, I decided he could have hundreds of “honorary” children to take care of as his legacy.

It is because of the hope and love TJ still brings to us all  that I am honored and humbled to launch TJ for Kids in his memory. Kindly support TJ for Kids and share the spirit of giving inspired by TJ so that other less fortunate children and their families can also share in his hope and love.

Thank you and God Bless.
Sue Johnson (TJ’s Mom)

Our Board of Directors:

Sue JohnsonPresident

Bob PuppaTreasurer

Jacqueline Dowd HookV.P. Marketing (NYC School Teacher)

Nancy OleckiV.P. Development (Brothers Supply Corporation)

Conor Coleman V.P. Communications

Betty WoodsSecretary

JoAnn LeptichTrustee